Eclectika: Ceramic artistry for the table

Exhibition runs from 17th October to 9th November 2014

Opening 6pm, Friday 17th October, by Dr Patsy Hely, Emeritus Fellow, ANU School of Art

Exhibition installations by Helen Geier

Artists: Sarit Cohen, Linda Davy, Sue Fisher, Gwenna Green, Erin Kocaj, Alice Macdonald, Vicky Newman, Fran Romano, Antonia Throsby, Tania Tuominen, Jo Victoria


Ask 11 ceramic artists to make objects for the table and you get an exhibition as diverse as spices that jolt the senses and herbs that soothe the soul. 


As part of the Canberra-based collective ‘Claybodies’, the eleven artists respond to the revival in the appreciation of studio-made tableware ceramics, resulting in works that are functional, sculptural, and conceptual. These are artists who are approaching domestic tableware in innovative ways.


Forget ideas of perfect mass-produced tableware, and think scribbly doodles in 3D, surprising, quirky.  From sensual surfaces and subtle palettes, to pitted textures and luscious colours. Shades of gelato, minty green, creamy vanilla, chocolate chip, raspberry ripple.  Objects made to invite the senses as they are a pleasure to use, yummy to hold, to eat off, to drink from, to be illuminated by, and to look at.


In the spirit of the table, an object that implies generosity, hospitality and community, ceramic works by the artists will also be exhibited in two local eateries – Paydirt Eatery and Dee-licious. The show will culminate in a long lunch in the gallery, catered by Paydirt Eatery.


The gallery lunch will take place on 9th November, bookings essential, $40 from Stur. Tickets available here: LONG LUNCH TICKETS

Limited places.