One of Koreas most popular stationery designers, O-Check Design Graphics has been charming fans all over the world for over a decade.

Equal parts creative, clever and fun, O-Check Kids goes beyond simple plain-paper notebooks with cute cover art. This is stationery that is interactive, not static. Stationery based items that are about fuelling kids creativity, and connecting them to paper.

A perfect example is the Hole Drawing Book. A plain paper sketchbook with two round holes cut through the centre, the drawing book comes with a plastic stencil sheet, with cut out shapes including top hat, bow tie, moustache and smiling lips.

Children can use the stencil to colour in the shapes and create their own characters and even turn them into face masks, thanks to the cut out eye holes.


PAGES: 48 pages (24 sheets) 
SIZE: 305 x 230 mm
MATERIAL: Paper, cardboard cover

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