KeepCup Brew Limited Edition - Cork (8oz)


The famous keepcup has added the fantastic glass range. Get yours today.

Happy barista = better coffee.

Compared with disposable cups,over one year KeepCup reduces the contribution to landfill by 99%. KeepCup is the world’s first barista standard reusable cup.
Designed and manufactured in Melbourne. KeepCup is designed for baristas, replicating the cup sizes they use every day and will fit under the group heads of their coffee machine.

KeepCup has a hard lid and a plug that seals, keeping your coffee hotter for longer. The splash-proof design is safer than disposable or open cups and OH & S compliant.

Lightweight, colourful and dishwasher safe.
Recyclable and has replaceable components.
Fits in car cup holders.

8 oz

Cork band

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