MONGA INTACTA - by Robyn Steller


The Monga forest is on the coastal escarpment 30kms inland frm Batemans Bay, near the town of Braidwood in southern NSW. It is extremely rich in biodiversity of both flora and fauna and contains areas of superb ancient rainforest vegetation. This book looks at all aspects including the Aboriginal settlement.

Edited and self-published by Robyn Steller, Monga intacta is a beautiful full colour book with stunning photography, chapters on flora, fauna, ecology, indigenous history and the story of community support, political pressure and direct action that protected Monga Forest from being logged.  

A few months after publication, the Robyn Steller Foundation was created in response to Robyn’s sudden death, in May 2005. The Foundation was created as a tribute to Robyn’s love of the environment, passion for Monga Forest and dedication to its conservation; and to receive funds generated by sales of Monga intacta in order to provide some financial assistance for future work on native forest conservation in South East New South Wales.