Postcard of original artwork by Shintaro Marky. The exhibition was held at STUR in October 2012 under the title 'Of Men & Machines'. 

'Rex Butler once described my work as a "fine line between fine art and high school doodling"…..

 I like to work with fine line markers, that are easily purchased in any newsagency. Years ago I preferred Rotring draughting pens but the ink dries more slowly, is much more stable to UV, and it is easy to punish the nib all too quickly.

The fine line markers can be treated roughly and as they age they get better, giving a more scratchy dry point style of work. Best of all, they have random colour shifts, I believe humidity is a factor, once sealed with spray fixative, a rich navy blue hue becomes evident. When I have used rubber solution as a mask in order to do my colour backgrounds, a brownish hue, not unlike old cuttlefish ink, appears. In strong sunlight olive can be achieved.

I generally work with 0.2 and 0.4 nibs, but at times have used other brands for thicker edging, blocking in etc. There must be close to a kilometre, (perhaps a slight exaggeration), of line work in each image. Depth and texture are built up with increasing overlays of cross hatching and sometimes dot patterns. I could probably employ photoshop to save time but enjoy the process of hand drawing. In fact everything is hand drawn rather than copied, or traced.

Viewers may notice a pattern of sorts within the mark making. This is a throwback to earlier work where I allowed textures to determine shapes in the panels of the "machines". The objectors are a mechano-organic chimera, a meshing of the man made and biological. Perhaps I am alluding to the decay of human civilisation, I'll let the viewer be the judge of that.' 

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